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  • 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
  • 52 Genesis Turbo Power 200-watt UV Lamps
  • Lamp length: 2 meters
  • Floor-to-ceiling support columns
  • Control panel with LED time display
Our most popular piece of equipment, the Sundash 252 Radius, produces uncompromising results for beginners, intermediate, and advanced tanners, and constantly proves itself to be in a class of its own when it comes to stand ups. Completely surrounded by bulbs, this bed provides the best overall results, delivering a beautifully even, full-body tan in a 12-minute exposure schedule.

  • 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
  • 42 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 180 & 160-watt UV Lamps
  • 4 VIT Max 400-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners
  • Air conditioning and extra wide base acrylic
  • Impressive styling and colorful mood lights
  • Stereo sound with MP3 player and dock-in and SD card slot
Who needs the beach when you can tan in the A/C in only 12 minutes with the Inspiration 450. Voice Guide walks you through every step in a pleasant, friendly voice as you control the sunbed and our 3D-Sound System will bathe you in a sumptuous sea of sound as you tan.

  • 12 Minutes maximum exposure time
  • 49 total lamps
  • Shoulder/neck tanners
  • Double-cooled lounge acrylic
  • Misty Breeze® body mist
  • MP3 compatible audio system with subwoofer
The Silver Bullet features a blend of medium and high pressure bulbs to help deepen your color in a quick 12 minute session. The unique frosted flat bench acrylic ensures exceptional comfort while also assisting in delivering maximum and even color. Fully adjustable interior climate control with built in air conditioning. Adjustable light level controls for the facial bulbs/shoulder tanners. 47 Total Lamps, including three 600 watt Vertical High Pressure Facial Lamps.

  • 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
  • 3 Ultra Performance 640-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners
  • 27 VIT Max 580-watt High-Pressure Body Units
  • ULTRA PERFORMANCE glass reflector system
  • 30 High-Pressure Units, face separately adjustable: 2 settings
  • 360-Degree High-Pressure Units
  • Pure open air tanning comfort
  • Bold design with modern shapes and colors
When you’re ready to take your tan to the next level, high pressure equipment is the way to do it. The darkest tan possible and a tanning experience that is second to none is what you’ll get when you tan in the Open Sun 1050.

  • Air Brush Spray Gives you the ability to "shadow" your tan, making you look darker in areas of your choice and lighter in others!
  • Appointments are highly recommended, especially during the holiday season. Call ahead for availability!
  • Great for events and parties!
Professional air brush spray tan applied by certified professionals.. All the benefits of the sun, a natural Golden Bronze Glow, with no side effects! We use the best solution leaving you with a just off the beach look. You are never orange or red-orange. Our licensed spray tan experts take their time to make sure all your concerns and needs are met. You end up with an award winning tan at an award winning price. Hands down the best spray tan in the county, the results speak for themselves!

Body Heat Tanning is now offering spray tan birthday parties.
Children must be at least 10 years old and the birthday child is free with 5 or more paid guests.

Bridal Shower and Weddings
Bride is free with 5 or more paid wedding guests.

Norvell Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth
Pricing starting at just $19.99 per month.

The new Norvell Auto Revolution utilizes brand new state of the art airbrush technology. It was designed to simulate the personalized touch of a handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth. The ultra fine mist is more precise and even than ever before known to a spray booth! Enjoy a warm spa like experience that leaves no sunless odor! Recirculated air allows you to remain warm and comfortable throughout your session. The Norvell booth is the newest technology in spray tanning on the market today! The experience is one of kind! Choose from a variety of solution and add on choices to find your perfect just off the beach shade!
Monday - Friday : 8:30am - 9pm
Saturday : 9am - 8pm
Sunday : 11am - 6pm