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Tanning is a process. You will definitely get color on your first visit, but it's not like getting your hair done. You won't walk in as a blonde and leave as a brunette. Depending on the current condition of your skin and skin tone, It can take a couple of weeks for your skin to build the melanin that you will need to develop that deep dark tan. If you have a special event that you are preparing for, we recommend that you begin tanning a minimum of 1 - 2 weeks before your event. If you haven't planned far enough in advance, we suggest that you schedule an appointment for a Norvell custom airbrush spray tan, for that "just off the beach", never orange look.
How UV Light Tans
Low-Pressure VHR tanning lamps emit a mix of Ultraviolet A & B (UV-A / UV-B) light - the same sunlight you get while tanning outdoors but with different intensities & percentages depending on how the FDA certifies each unit.

Ultraviolet-B, sometimes referred to as the 'burning' ray, stimulates melanin production in your skin. That melanin is then oxidized (turned dark) through exposure to UV-A light which ultimately produces a dark 'tanned' look. This tanning darkening process develops during the 24-hours after your session.

A good rule-of-thumb is, if you tan easily outdoors - you're going to tan easily indoors; if you don't, then obviously it will take longer to safely build a base tan (just as it would outdoors) & avoiding burning is always the most important aspect of tanning.

Prior to any UV tanning, a 'skin type' analysis will be done to determine how best to safely achieve your tanning goals & select a tan time that mitigates the possibility of burning.

A major benefit to tanning indoors is that you are doing so in a controlled environment with FDA certified equipment that emits ultraviolet light at a constant output rate. Conversely, when tanning outdoors, the sun's intensity can vary greatly from day-to-day & even hour-to-hour, based on a number of factors like cloud cover & distance, which is why you might be able to layout for hours one day & be just fine while burning in mere minutes on others.

Why does Body Heat Tanning recommend that I use lotion when I tan?
Well cared for skin tans quicker, darker, and stays tan longer than neglected skin. A lotion will help enhance and maintain your tan longer. Here are three ways it helps:

It is necessary that skin be hydrated sufficiently to reach and maintain the desired tan. Dry, neglected skin will actually reflect UV light, not allowing it to tan underneath. In addition, neglected skin exfoliates faster, causing the tan to fade quicker. Lotions use blends of botanical oils that moisturize deep into the skin. These replenishing oils keep skin soft and supple, which keeps it looking young.

The natural vitamins in lotions are fundamental to the skinís appearance and to its ability to tan. Along with their hydrating properties, these vitamins replenish the necessary nutrition to skin cells, promoting cell regeneration. They also are the catalysts which allow oxygenation to occur below the skinís surface.

The benefits of oxygen are enormous: it fuels all skin cell functions. More specifically, it accelerates the tanning process.
It is perfectly fine to shower after using a tanning lotion unless you are using a lotion that contains DHA. In that case, you should wait a few hours before showering to receive the full effect.

It is perfectly fine to shower after using a tanning lotion unless you are using a lotion that contains DHA. In that case, you should wait a few hours before showering to receive the full effect.

Why does Body Heat Tanning recommend that I use protective eyewear?
The skin of the eyelids tends to be much thinner and more delicate than the skin on other areas of the body. Since the eyelid skin is so thin, it does not offer much protection for the eyeballs when the eyes are closed during indoor tanning, as the ultraviolet rays can penetrate though the eyelids and reach the eyes themselves. Wearing tanning goggles or wink-ease can help prevent the ultraviolet tanning rays from coming into contact with the eyes.

Body Heat Tanning ALWAYS provides eye protection FREE of charge!
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