Body Heat Tanning & Spa

About Body Heat Tanning Est. 1994

Family Owned & Operated

Body Heat Tanning has always been a family owned and operated small business.

Our goal is to provide our guests with affordable luxury and the most state-of-the-art equipment.

We strive to create an exceptionally clean, spa-like, warm and welcoming environment for women and men, and educate guests on the best skin care practices to keep them looking and feeling their best for years to come.

We employ a team of people who are more like family than employees, and develop relationships with clients who are more like friends than they are customers. We thrive by helping people become the best versions of themselves and making a difference in the lives of everyone we touch.

If you haven’t visited us yet, we invite you to stop by and meet our team, take a tour of the salon, and invest a little time in you. We look forward to knocking your socks off and helping you achieve the best tan of your life at Body Heat Tanning & Spa.

The Difference


Body Heat Tanning & Spa features only the industry’s finest equipment and products. We offer a variety of services and solutions that cater to wellness and relaxation.


We strive to make every visit as inviting, accommodating, and relaxing as possible. If your experience is ever not what you expected, we’ll make it right.


All tanning and spa equipment is sanitized immediately after each use. We are such clean freaks that we even sanitize the doorknobs and wipe the floor after each customer!


Regular maintenance and replacing lamps at just 50% of their life guarantees your Body Heat glow never fades!

We put education and skin care above all else, starting with Smart Tan Certification for every one of our team members. Continuous training = BEST SERVICE!

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To join: Text BodyHeat to 71441